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“Richard, thank you, your treatment created a tremendous catalyst for positive change for me. I’m grateful.”

C.E., Colorado.

“Two years ago I went to Montana seeking healing for an acute knee condition that was coming due for surgery. After several sessions with Richard, I returned to California. Since that time, I have participated in and completed three triathlons, with no surgery required. To date, my knee and I are very happy and grateful.

Thank you so very much, Richard.”

Dr. A.L. Ph.D., California

“My experience of Richard’s massage can be summed up in one word, WOW. My body felt less burdened by the stresses and strains of the past days, weeks and decades (smile). I tend to have a very demanding job and workload. He actually helped my soul better integrate with my body for complete physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It truly has been a profound and lasting experience.

I have had some massages that are great at the time and the effects of the massage last for a couple of days. The types of massages Richard gives last for a lifetime. You can feel the incremental shifts and changes in the way your body becomes more fully alive with energy. When you go for your next message it is as if the body is ready for the next incremental (or major) shift for a better bodily integration and centeredness in the here and now.

Like I said, you walk away with a WOW experience! On a personal note, Richard is very kind and respectful of you, and has a great innate wisdom of the needs of you & your body. He has a sixth sense that serves him well when he works with your body. Each time I have been to Richard for a massage I have been in awe of what he is able to do in such a short period of time.”

Dr. J.H. Ph.D., North Carolina

“Richard I did want to thank you for those great massages during my last visit.

As you know I travel the globe a lot for my job and I have yet to find a massage therapist with such a therapeutic and healing touch.

I am grateful to have found you during my visits to Montana. I wish you and Susan all the best and look forward to seeing you again.”

U.R., Washington, D.C.

“Richard, you truly helped me tune into and understand some core issues concerning certain conditions in my body. I felt empowered by this and some clear inner direction came out of it. I am truly grateful, thank you.”

R.T., mother and student in Montana

“Since I have been using your service my chiropractic adjustments have been holding much better. I have been able to cut the cost of chiropractic visits by half. I would much rather have a massage and work on the muscle structure that keeps the skeletal structure in place.

Thank You for the service you give.”

D.D., Bozeman. Montana

“If you’re a little shy about message work, as I was, you don’t have to be with Richard.

It is all done so beautifully and graciously that any concerns are left far behind and you just rise into this wonderful experience with heavenly music and everything to make your body and spirit sing! After my first treatment, I wanted to go out and tell everyone I knew
“You have to do this for yourself. It’s truly a special experience!”

Several sessions later.
“I have looked and looked for the right treatment that will bring comfort and healing to my body, mind and spirit and at last I have found it! Thank you, Richard, for putting all your heart and years of experience into this service of helping so many of us who find ourselves stressed out in this fast-paced life we lead.
God bless you. I hope many find their way to you.”

J.Y., Bozeman MT

“Thank you for my massage I loved it. Besides being born, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

It was my first. I was saving up for a hamster but now I am saving up for a massage with you. You are so nice. Thank you.”

Josie, 7-year old girl